"your crush is walking by!"

"everyone act natural"


I can’t get enough of the IHM guys. So. Professional. I’m so glad that they’re in my graduating class lol I’m sorry I keep blogging about this. Business casual is too much for me to handle hnnnnggghhh but I guess it better that I guess used to it now haha


you’re hired


you’re hired

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1) A boy telling you you’re pretty won’t make you see the beauty in the fullness of your cheeks, in redness of your lips at 2 in the morning when tequila is making the bar bathroom spin. He can’t take away the ugliness that you see in yourself, you have to do that.

2) You have to be ready to hear someone say they love you. You have to be ready, and you have to be willing, and you have to listen. Because sometimes, they won’t say those three words, they’ll put a blanket over you while you’re watching a movie, they’ll kiss your cheek when they think you’re asleep, they’ll smile when they see you first thing in the morning. But you, you have to be willing to see it, feel it, let it in. Letting someone love you takes practice.

3) Don’t make compromises you can’t live with. Compromise is a different version of what you want, not a whole other Universe.

4) Learn to say no. No - to a movie you don’t want to watch; no - to sex you don’t want to have, no- to a relationship that’s driving you mad. Say no - to things that hurt you, to people that extinguish your fire, to jobs you hate and places that are desolate. There are bad things that we can’t control, bad things that happen and we are sucked into and have to feel with every fibre of our being, but the rest - learn to distance yourself, learn to say no.

5) Don’t expect people to walk through fire for you - not your parents, not your friends, not the person you’re in love with. Love doesn’t mean sacrifice, love shouldn’t mean sacrifice. Don’t expect someone to give away pieces of them, so they could fit you better. And don’t feel hurt when they refuse to - it’s self-preservation. Instead - learn from them. Do it as well.

6) Don’t tether yourself to people. Learn to make connections, to love, with both your feet steady on the ground. Learn to let people pass through your life; like a summer breeze, not a storm that’s just been unleashed.

7) Learn the difference between growth and growing up before it’s too late. Rooftops and water fights and ice cream for breakfast can be a part of your life at 10, 25, or 35. But by the time you’re 35 you need to learn to say enough, to be able to walk away, you need to be able to love yourself. Love yourself the way you loved yourself at 10, before the world had a chance to fill your head with ugliness.


I was at Target yesterday and this little girl wanted to buy Halo 4, but this lady came up to her and said video games are for boys. This lady had a box of trix in her cart and so the girl grabs the box and said ‘and trix are for kids.’ and ran off with the cereal and the game.


when you know a word in english but not your native language


when there’s no english equivalent to a word from your native language and vice versa


accidentally switching between your native language and english in a sentence 


hearing someone speak your native language when you’re on vacation on some weird ass country





Bob Ross soothes and calms and makes me happy like nothing else I’ve ever known.

Fun fact: Bob Ross was a Marine drill sergeant for several years, but quit because he didn’t like yelling at people.

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World-class photographer and the only Thai photographer allowed to photograph at Prince William and Kate’s Wedding, Mr. Oat Chaiyasith, came to speak in my Entrepreneurial Mindset class yesterday.

There are many people I find inspiring, but this guy, is probably the closest thing to a career role model I’ll ever find. His wedding photography and portraits are absolutely stunning. And he’s so humble.

Prof: How did you get to be as successful as you are now?

Oat: I’m not success. Trust me, I’m not. If I’m success then I’ll stop, but there are so many people who are better than me, so I have to keep improving.

Despite his whole high school class laughing at him when he said he wanted to be a world-class photographer, he did it. And he did it well. He worked everyday for 1.5 years so he could raise 1.2 million baht to study photography in London. He made it. And he’s still going. He wrote thousands of emails to intern for photo agencies in London despite getting zero replies. 8 months of trying and changing his email style later, he got a reply from one of the top 5 photographers in London. Wow. I was in awe yesterday. I was so inspired that I had the courage to message him and send in a few photos from my portfolio. He responded and invited me to one of his workshops to get real-life feedback. I really, really want to go.

Write down a goal on a piece of paper and write down the steps to get there. Don’t stop until you reach that goal, he said. Believe in yourself.

I think I know now. I want to intern for him. That is my goal. My goal is to intern for Oat Chaiyasith. A major short-term kinda long-term goal.

Stamford and connections though. If these opportunities to meet inspirational people keep coming, then wow this university is underrated.

I can go to lunch today ahhh second class doesn’t start until 1330 yay